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zo 30 jun


Opening tentoonstelling (In)visibility: Gendered Notions of Caribbean Identities

Friday May 24th
Time: 18.00–21.00
Gemaal op Zuid
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The works Balansa by Meliange Comenencia and Visible We by Suelae Robinson offer profound insights into the complexities of identity, labor, and resilience–particularly within the context of Caribbean culture and womanhood. The installation ‘Visible We’ focuses on the unrecognized labor of Caribbean women, which includes essential but economically undervalued tasks like caregiving and domestic chores. This unpaid labor contributes significantly to the functioning of societies but hinders women's opportunities for higher-paying jobs, perpetuating a cycle of economic insecurity across generations, all the while these contributions are crucial for family survival.

‘Visible We’ acknowledges the historical and multi-layered oppression faced by Black Caribbean women and celebrates their contributions to family and community. Utilizing imagery inspired by Yoruba Goddesses and vibrant textiles, the portraits depict these women as regal and centered, aiming to shift societal perceptions of Black Caribbean women towards a future where they are recognized for their inherent value rather than just their contributions.

In ‘Balansa’, themes of stagnation, loneliness, and self-definition within the context of culture, society, faith, and family are explored. Through three poignant self-portraits, Meliange chronicles a journey of breaking free from societal expectations. This project reflects her previous work, Healing Ritual (2019), where she confronted the pressures of her Curaçaose heritage, Catholic upbringing, spirituality, and experiences as a Black woman in the Netherlands. ‘Balansa’ represents a transitional phase where one realizes the importance of asserting one’s own identity, questioning inherited cultural and spiritual norms. The artwork encourages introspection in regards of culture, faith, and family on personal growth, inviting viewers to contemplate the freedom to explore and evolve.

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